8 Signs Your AC Unit is Dying

8 Signs that your AC unit needs replaced or repaired

Summer 2019 is right around the corner. Don’t be left in the heat by neglecting your home’s AC unit. If you are like me, you are pretty good at fixing stuff around the house- but when it comes to repairing or maintaining an AC unit, it’s like a foreign language. Here are some easy-to-tell signs that your AC unit needs some attention, or even needs to be replaced.

  1. Your AC unit is blowing warm air.  I know this seems a bit obvious, however, a simple hand test could be all the warning you need that you need to have a professional come out to your home.
  2. Weak Air Flow. If your AC unit seems as if it’s not pushing very much air though the vents, this could be a serious problem. It’s often a sign that the AC unit’s compressor is failing but could also imply duct work issues. From my own personal experience, this is a certainly an issue that should be inspected by a train professional
  3. Thermostat is not working. I hear this one a lot when it comes to problems with AC units. If your thermostat does not respond to changes it could be a dead give away that you need to have a professional take a look. Since the thermostat contains complex electrical components, its not recommended to attempt tampering with it yourself.
  4. My AC is making loud noises. This is probably one of the biggest red flags that there is a serious problem with your AC unit. If your hearing banging, grinding, or even squealing noises when it’s turned on, this could be a problem inside the unit- particularly with the belt slipping out of place. However, this is not always the case and, of course, should be properly inspected by a trained professional.
  5. My AC smells horrid when turned on. There could be a couple of different reasons for this, the first is that wire insulation inside the unit may have burned out, the second is the possibility of mold having contaminated the unit, and the third is a leak in the freon line. None of these are good things to have happen. They could put you and your family at serious health risk. I urge you to contact a trained professional for a thorough inspection of your AC unit immediately if your AC unit smells bad.
  6. My AC unit has required more maintenance/service than usual. If your AC unit has required a service technician to take a look more than usual, you might seriously want to consider replacing the unit all together. Newer AC units do have a higher cost, but also provide energy savings in the long run that might make the replacement worth every penny.
  7. Holy Cow! My electric bill doubled! “Honey, did we leave the lights on all last month?” – If your energy bill has drastically increased recently, it may not be because you forgot to turn the lights off in the living room before you went to sleep. According to visualcapitalist.com, (data from Connect4Climate.org) roughly 47% of American homes power consumption is allocated to cooling & heating- with water heater & lighting being a miniscule 14% and 12%, respectively. If your energy consumption in your home has increased recently- time to have a professional come look at your AC unit.
  8. Ten years is quite a life. A simple rule of thumb to follow for the average life span of an AC unit is about ten years. If your AC unit has made it there- Congratulations! You picked a good one! If your AC unit has made it to it’s tenth birthday it has lived an abnormally long life. Parting is such sweet sorrow, but your family will thank you when your new, energy efficient AC unit is installed.

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