How to Clean your AC

5 Helpful Tips

           Before you begin to clean your AC unit, make sure you shut off the power. Working around electrical appliances can be dangerous if you do not take appropriate precautions.

Remove Debris

Make sure the outside of your AC unit is cleared of dirt and debris. Remove the fan cage from the exterior condenser/compressor and clear away leaves and other debris from the interior.

Clean Fins

Remove outer covers from the exterior condenser/compressor and remove outer dirt. Use a fin cleaning spray or a gentle water stream from a hose to remove buildup from the fins.

Straighten Fins

Using a fin straightener or butter knife, make sure the fins are straight and evenly spaced. Be gentle to avoid damaging the tubing within the fins.

Change Filter

The filter in your HVAC system needs to be changed regularly, at least twice a year.

Surrounding Area

Cut back any low hanging vegetation and branches that may interfere. Remove any built up leaves, grasses, etc. from the area surrounding your outdoor compressor.

Cleaning and maintain your AC unit yourself can be a hassle. Haas Heating and Cooling is here to take the confusion out of HVAC maintenance! Give us a call at (330) 844-9303 to schedule your next checkup.

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