Creative Ways to Cool Down

5 Tips and Tricks to Survive Summer

  1. Freezer Sheets

If you enjoy sleeping in a cool environment, but still like to be covered by a blanket or sheet; this trick is for you! Try placing your sheets in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour before bed and enjoy a nice cool sleep.

  • Make the Most of Your Fans

Your fans can be helpful to circulate air around the room and create a breeze. However; on hotter days it can be beneficial to direct your fans toward open windows and pull hot air from your home.

  • Egyptian-style

Ancient Egyptians used to sleep with sheets or towels dampened with cool water. We recommend using a plastic bed cover or laying down a few dry towels under you to prevent wetting your bed if you try this method out.

  • Cross-breeze

Set up two fans: One pulling cool air from the outdoors and one on the other side of the room to create a cross-breeze for you to sleep in.

  • DIY AC

Place a shallow pan or container filled with ice or cold water in front of a fan. The breeze will pick up and distribute cold water droplets forming a nice, cool mist.

                These tricks are helpful to have in a pinch, but a fully functioning air conditioning system is a necessity. Give Haas Heating and Cooling a call today at (330) 844-9303 to learn more about our HVAC services. 

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