Fall Furnace Maintenance

We’ve starting to see cooling temperatures which means the cool Ohio fall and winter weather is looming. Your air conditioner has gotten many months of good use, but it’s time to start thinking about your furnace. We suggest checking your home’s heating system out while the temperatures are still high enough you don’t need to rely on it. Turning it on a in the early weeks of September allows you to identify any potential problems and allows for time to fix them. There’s more a little more to check outside of a quick test of heat production, though. What do you check though? Don’t worry, we’ll help you make sure you check all the essential areas.

  • Pilot & Pilot Assembly: Weak or dirty pilots can easily be extinguished which means your furnace will shut itself down. A quick clean and any needed adjustments should be made as necessary.
  • Gas Line: Checking the health of your gas lines for any slow leaks is crucial. Not only for the safety of your home, but furnaces can shut off the gas flow to the burners as a safety precaution is a leak is detected.
  • Heat Exchanger: Heat exchangers can develop cracks as they age. A quick look for any cracks or deterioration can cause toxic fumes to escape and lead to sickness.
  • Burners: Dirty Burners can cause soot to be sent into your home’s air, as well as lead to poor combustion in the furnace and shorten its life. If you notice dirt build up, remove the burners and give them a good cleaning.
  • Flue Pipe: Inspect the furnace flue pipe for any corrosion. If found, the pipe should be replaced.
  • Panels: Securing any and all panels can prevent rattling, and the furnace from running incorrectly. Secure panels can also help you avoid a spike in the furnace operation costs
  • Air Filter: You should plan to replace your air filter before using your furnace daily. This helps prevent dust and dirt from getting into the furnace and your home’s air. Clean air filters also help prolong the life of the compressor.
  • Thermostat: You will want to make sure your home thermostat is properly calibrated and running true to temperature.

If you have concerns about your furnace or heating system while doing maintenance checks, Haas Heating and Cooling can help! Give us a call at 330-488-9303 to schedule service.

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